Who, what, and why, is ME Studios

Hey there! I'm Elise, the (self-titled) chick in a wheelchair behind ME (or M.E.) Studios. First off is the who and why, we'll get to the what in a minute..

The name is devoted to Miss M - my beautiful God-daughter, and Miss E - my loving, energetic and a bit-of-everything daughter, Evelyn. Hence M E Studios. These two gorgeous girls are also the why. This business started for me, Elise, as a hobby in 2014 and has evolved with my life since then. Fast forward to the present moment - where my drive is to inspire, and be inspired by, Miss M and Miss E.

From this point forward I refer to ME Studios as us/we not me/I. This is because I don't do this entirely alone - I work with incredibly skilled printers, lasercutters, fabricators, and more, to bring some of these creations to life. Not to forget a husband that has fulfilled an incredible number of crazy requests from me over the years, along with family and friends that have provided physical support on so many occasions - which I am incredibly grateful for. 

The 'what' that we do is a little bit like Evelyn - a bit of everything! She is brave, shy, loud, quiet (albeit rarely!), playful, reserved, and everything in between. We create big things, small things, detailed and intricate pieces, to simple yet stunning pieces. This includes printed and digital designs, hand crafted and/or machine created pieces, the possibilities are endless. To put it most simply, we create for you. The piece that you want or need, the idea you have in mind, the way that you like.

The basic gist is signage and keepsakes, but is in no way limited to that. At this point (thank you if you've made it this far) you're probably a little confused.. I'm not great with words but I'm much better at images, so I'll let them tell the story from here. (Note as of 24th October 11pm, as I'm posting this, the images are yet to be added!)